Bitcoin Bulletin goes live!

Bitcoin Bulletin, a new crypto culture, news and opinion site has launched, bringing perspective on what matters most in the world of bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Today marks the official launch of Bitcoin Bulletin – the crypto sector’s newest media website.

After working for more than five years each across a wide range of different blockchain and cryptocurrency projects, we know there’s room for another news site in the space. While there’s no shortage of crypto news and opinion out there, there is a gap in the market for straightforward, factual and reliable reporting, alongside thoughtful, balanced commentary. That’s what we plan to offer, with:

  • A straight take on the biggest News stories
  • Informed Opinion, grounded in long-term experience
  • General Interest articles about some of the most fascinating, unusual and quirky developments in the space
  • Clear background articles (‘101’) about the tech and its implications
  • Bitcoin Price Updates and Bitcoin Price Predicitons
  • ‘Spotlight’ reviews on major platforms and services

Above all, though, we’re passionate about the technology that Bitcoin launched and pioneered. We know that cryptocurrency is here to stay, whatever the critics say, and we want to continue supporting the movement. Blockchain has already started to change the world, and over the coming years it’s going to keep changing it, in ways we can see coming and in ways we never imagined. It’s an exciting time to be involved!

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