#11 Volatility, what’s up with that?


BitcoinUK-Podcast-Logo-smlsmlIn this episode I catch up with Max Keiser about some of the threats Bitcoin faces, including a 51% attack as well as Bitcoin’s erratic behaviour. The volatility of Bitcoin becomes a central theme throughout the rest of the show as I speak to Ira Miller, CEO of Coinapult about their latest service, Locks, that aims to solve the problem of Bitcoin price swings. I also get the scoop on their latest groundbreaking project ‘The Bit Drop‘ that will gift Bitcoin to an entire population. And finally we hear from Janina whose choice of altcoin, Nautiluscoin, also has price stabilisation as it’s key innovation.

Watch Coinapult’s explainer video HERE

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2 Responses to “#11 Volatility, what’s up with that?”

  1. kieran says:

    the sound is terrible

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